As an off shoot of the Waggel Insurance product, a Zine was launched to engage pet owners in conversations that other insurers might not be willing to. Topics such as mental health, identity and connection were explored through the lens of a pet owner and how their pet impacted their view on these subjects. 
As these topics are sensitive in nature they needed to be handled different to the rest of the Waggel offering. Parts of the core Waggel brand were dropped in favour of a text led, modern and mature editorial approach. The W brand mark was adapted into a series of swirling lines that added visual intrigue without detracting from the content.
The desktop experience of the zine microsite was designed to feel as close to a high end editorial experience as possible. One half of the page was dedicated to imagery that transitioned seamlessly on scroll replicating the feeling of turning pages. The other half of the page was allowed to breathe in the whitespace and the long form copy was punctuated with heavy text treatments and inline complimentary imagery.
For each issue that was released a cover image was created. Each cover image needed to be distinct and carry the subject of the issue in its concept, whilst also being on brand and feeling like part of a series. Keeping one or two colours and the lead font consistent across all covers allowed for vastly different approaches whilst feeling unified under the Waggel umbrella.