Waggel is a modern and fresh alternative to archaic insurance companies that do not cater to a millennial tech savvy audience. The UI needed to show how their approach was different at every opportunity. From bold titles to large animated 3D buttons the intent was to show that Waggel was design led and able to have fun.

When the new UI language was launched there was a notable increase of customers entering the purchase flow.
To replace the long, tedious and overused digital forms, a bold and simple quote flow was created the emphasis on one question at a time to reduce cognitive overload and to make the user feel in control. The UI was pared back to allow for quick input and recall of data.
The same UI components were also adapted for much more data heavy screens in which it was critical to be sensitive to the user committing to spending large sums of money whilst also maintaining UI consistency.
Once the user the had become a "Waggeler" they were greeted with several dashboard views, one for their membership, one for their insurance and one for their support and services. Each offering up various forms of content inside the robust UI components allowing for rapid rollout of new features across each view.