Waggel is pet insurance that doesn't suck, that they needed a fresh logo and new branding to stand out in a large group of boring and out dated insurance companies. I worked with the internal marketing team to define the brand persona and then carried out a full visual rebrand based on this research. 
A clean distinctive work mark complimented by bold and impactful supporting graphics created a punchy yet refined visual language.
The word mark features a unique hand drawn W that was able to be broken away from the word itself and still be memorable as Waggel. It was applied to a variety of different digital and physical formats including a series of pet tags that quickly became collectors items amongst the Waggel Community.
To capture the youthful and rebellious spirit of Waggel I created a series of stickers that were rolled out across the digital product and marketing channels to help recognition across all brand touch points.   

The colour palette was finely balanced to ensure that although playful in concept the stickers did not come across as childish and the slight edge in Waggel's offering was represented appropriately.