Do Nation is a pledge platform with a mission to reduce our impact on the climate through social change, doing so by inspiring workforces and individuals to pledge healthier habits rather than money to global and local campaigns. Every choice from the dark colour palette to the constrained image sizes were deliberate and with the end goal of helping to reduce the load time and energy consumption of these pages resulting in a very low carbon footprint.
The Do Nation platform houses complex data and reading on climate change so that you can educate yourself and your friends, families and co-workers. In order to get these messages across the UI was carefully crafted to hold lots of data without becoming overwhelming even on smaller devices.
Whilst creating the landing pages the Do Nation colour palette was refreshed and refined and a series of flexible icons were created that could be used across the product and comms material to unify the visual language. These became the base of the Do Nation identity with the core message of being simple, yet energetic and motivated.