The BUGS app is a learning platform aimed at engaging a younger audience and encouraging them to go outside to physically explore the world of bugs. The UI aims to balance fun and informative visual languages, allowing for a simple navigation structure that makes the next task the focus at all times. 
A colour coded system for each pillar of the app allows for easy recognition and a UI that feels refreshing as you navigate through each page.
At all times the aim was to keep the UI clean and drop any unnecessary visual elements in favour of easy to read text and bold, obvious calls to action. The challenge here was to keep the UI minimal without it becoming overly simplistic whilst also allowing the key objective of providing information on the specific bug species to be the centre of attention. 
As part of the BUGS app a dashboard that was geared more towards the parent was created, taking the UI from the core task pages and expanding it out into a functional view of progress and engagement levels. As well as other users on the platform and helpful guides on how to have the best experience on BUGS. Simple graphs, charts and lists keep the fundamentals of visual language whilst allowing for more informative views.